Tips on searching for computer error solutions

Computer errors may occur due to several reasons. Quite often these errors can be easily solved by performing a few simple steps. There are several online forums, computer help websites, and knowledge base sites available on the Internet that you can access to find solutions to different computer errors that you may come across while working on your Windows PC.

Help and Support Tool

Your Windows operating system comes with a built-in Help and Support system. Over the years, Microsoft has improved the utility by manifolds and the developers continue to work on making it more comprehensive and user-friendly.

You can use the Help and Support option to search solutions to problems both online and offline. Also, most of the applications and utilities you install on your computer are shipped with a built-in help system. This is the reason why, the first place to look for a solution is to check these help files for information.

Microsoft Support Forums and Web Pages

If you are looking for problems related to Microsoft related products, then the Microsoft Support Website is one of the best places to start your search. There are several options available on this Website that you may use to search for solutions to your problems. For instance, the home page of the Microsoft Support website lists some of the top products and issues that users have sought out. If you are facing any of these problems, you can easily get your solution here.

If you are looking for a specific error, such as the runtime error 216 or ntdll.dll error, then you may use the self-support option available on the Website to look for solutions in the Microsoft Knowledge base.

You can also take a look at the various Microsoft discussion forums to search for issues that you are unable to find in the knowledge base.

Search Engines

At times, you may be unable to reach the correct solution using the search option on the Microsoft Support page. For instance, you may be unable to find a solution to the installer error 1719 from the Support Center. In this case, you may use a good search engine, such as Google or Yahoo to search for the solution to your error.

User Help Websites

When you search for a solution by performing a search in a Search Engine, you may find results from quite a few third-party Web sites as well. Most of these Web sites are run by professionals who aim to provide help to stressed computer users. These Websites carry valuable data and can be a good source to look for computer error solutions.

Many third-party websites also have discussion forums on which users can interact with each other while looking for solutions. If you are unable to find a solution to one of your problems, you can subscribe to one of these forums and post your questions. An expert who would know how to resolve the issue may go through your problem and post the solution to it.

Not all computer problems are hard to recover from, and it is recommended that you first search for and try to look for solutions to your problem on the Internet. Quite often, you can resolve the problem yourself, and can save a lot on external technical help.


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