Should You Use an Uninstaller Program?

To maintain a healthy and high-performance PC, it is important for you to keep it free from programs you no longer use. These unwanted programs unnecessarily clutter the hard disk and system registry with unwanted information and slow down your PC. Additionally, as you may tend to not update the programs you don’t use, they also pose as a security threat for your system and data. Moreover, they may cause several Windows errors and program conflicts. There are many ways in which you can remove programs from your computer.

The first step that Windows users usually perform to uninstall programs is to use the Add or Remove Programs feature that comes with your Windows operating system. You can launch this utility from the Control Panel. The utility comprises the list of programs currently installed on your computer and you can select the program(s) you want to remove from this list and remove them from the system.

However, not all programs make an entry in the Add and Remove Programs list. The shortcut to uninstall these programs is usually included in the program’s group shortcut added to the Start menu. So, you can also use the Program Uninstall shortcut to remove the program from your system.

Many software product manufacturers, such as Symantec and McAfee also provide uninstaller tools on their web sites that you can download and use to remove their programs from your computer.

Although the methods discussed above are useful, they usually fail in ensuring complete removal of a program from your computer. For instance, you may fail to ensure complete removal of Norton products from your computer because they add a large number of entries in the Windows registry and add hundreds of system files to the hard disk. Additionally, there are some stubborn programs, mostly spyware and adware, such as LimeWire and Mirar toolbar that reinstall themselves soon after you remove them.

This is the reason why you need a third-party uninstaller program to uninstall Norton and remove LimeWire from your computer. There are several benefits of using a good and efficient program uninstaller tool.

One of the top benefits of a good program uninstall tool is that it scans your entire system and registry to list each and every program that is installed on your system. A good tool also gives a brief description of the program to help you understand its use for you. This way an uninstaller program becomes a one stop solution to uninstall programs from your computer.

Next, an efficient program uninstaller goes deep into your system registry and system files to ensure complete removal of the program you are trying to uninstall. This way they help in minimizing the after effects of the program uninstall process and helps you avoid errors that may generate due to unwanted, left-behind, orphan registry entries and files.

Uninstaller programs are a great help to users who are trying to remove stubborn programs. A good and efficient uninstaller program performs a deep scan of the registry to weed out these embedded keys that enable these stubborn programs to reinstall on your computer.


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