Personal Skin care

In today’s world every one to look good and feel good and hence personal skin
care has become a daily part of our lives. Different people follow different
skin care methods like for some skin care if going to beauty parlor every other
day, for some it applying skin creams and lotions. There are also some who
believe that skin care is a procedure to be adopted once in every six months and
also there are those who are busy in caring for their skin all the time. But
what most of these people don’t know is that personal skin care need not be so
complicated and expensive. It simply means taking care of our skins needs.

But before you jump on the bandwagon and start implementing every personal
skin care that you have heard of you should first find your skin type. There are
normally three skin types:




After finding out your skin type you should start your daily personal skin
care routine. The first thing that should top your personal skin care routine is
cleansing. The three things which you will need for this process are oil, water
and wetting agents. Oil and wetting agents perform the function of extracting
the dust and contaminants from skin and water flushes them out of your skin.
Thus these combined clear your skin in a great way. But you should take some
precautions before choosing your cleansers. You should always try 2 or more
cleansers and then settle down to the one which suits you the best. Also, the
cleansers which you use should always be from soap. Another thing you need to
take care about is that you should always use lukewarm water for cleansing
neither too cold nor too hot.

The second thing which should be your personal skin care list is exfoliation.
Your skin follows a maintenance procedure in which it removes the dead cells in
your skin and replaces them with the new. The exfoliation process is basically
meant to assist your skin in that process. The dead skin cells in your skin
reduce the effectiveness of your skin care products. Hence in order to increase
the effectiveness of your products it is necessary to remove the old and dead
cells and replace them with the new ones. For this, the exfoliation process is
used. You should also take care that you do not over do this process. This
should be done 2 to 4 times a week and more in humid climate.

The next thing on the charts is moisturizers. The common notion is that
people with oily skin do not need moisturizers but even people with oily skin
need moisturizers. Moisturizers trap and the moisture in your skin and maintain
it. Also whenever necessary these attract the moisture from the air. But use of
too much moisturizer will harm your skin by clogging the pores. This process
should be performed when your skin is damp for best results.

The last thing on the chart of personal skin care is sunscreen which is
sometimes included along with moisturizers. These help in protecting your skin
from the UV rays.

If you follow all these skin care techniques properly then your skin will
remain healthy and look good without doing all the complicated stuff you were
trying earlier.


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