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The Daily listing mod by our friend Pete the owner of Forplex Business Directory is the most wonderful and rocking mods that phpld based directories have ever got.

The Daily Listing Mod

The mod was exclusively only on available for Forplex Directory, but now the mod has been made available to many directory users out there.

Features about the mod:

An innovative advertising box on your directory. Shows for every day of the week a listing of your directory. Contains a page for your customers to apply with PayPal integration and administration system.

Whats more? Well the mod has given 100% ROI till date for every directory owner who has implemented this mod. The mod is also now being used on Alive Web Directory the famous authority directory on the internet.

Soon I will also get it installed on Bams Business Web Directory, I am actually to be fake only waiting for the PR update since I haven’t officially announced my Web Directory.

The Daily Listing Mod is one of the best phpld mods, hats off to Pete of Forplex Business Directory to have introduced this mod!

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