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The Daily listing mod by our friend Pete the owner of Forplex Business Directory is the most wonderful and rocking mods that phpld based directories have ever got.

The Daily Listing Mod

The mod was exclusively only on available for Forplex Directory, but now the mod has been made available to many directory users out there.

Features about the mod:

An innovative advertising box on your directory. Shows for every day of the week a listing of your directory. Contains a page for your customers to apply with PayPal integration and administration system.

Whats more? Well the mod has given 100% ROI till date for every directory owner who has implemented this mod. The mod is also now being used on (more…)

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Adding Deep Links to my PhpLinkBid (PhpLB) ie., Bidding Web Directory had never been so easy. Well you all surely know whats a phplinkbid script or bidding web directory.

The original script does not have options to add deep links to the listings submitted.

How to add Deep Links to my PhpLinkBid (PhpLB)

Now whats deep links if you don’t know. Well deep links is an option to add some of your internal pages or folder to the listing while you submit. You get a detail page along with your listing when you submit to a directory.

This detail page has or may have information like the pagerank, alexa ranking, indexed pages, backlinks information etc of your website submitted. By adding Deep Links option your detail page also shows the internal pages/folders of your website thus proving to be good from SEO point of view.

Our friend and expert coder mhamdi of rakCha Web Directory has written a brilliant tutorial (more…)

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Web Directories … There was a time when there were few web directories on the internet. But today (almost) every webmaster has a directory.

Everyone (well most of them) claim that their directories are a Human Edited Web Directory! But are you sure..?

With the raising no.of directories there surely has be some standard for reviewing links and accepting them.

If you are the one who runs a mysql query and accepts all links as once or doesn’t bother to see the websites submitted and you just approve them.. well then I am extremely sorry this article is not for you.


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There are about more than 20,000 directories running on phpld today and everyday a lot more are made.

A lot of directory newbies don’t know how to install phpld directory! And there are more of free phpld version directories coming up, hence the tutorial is based on the same.

Here are the steps:

  • Step 1 : Unzip the download file you downloaded and upload it in your server.
  • Step 2 : Now using your ftp program like Cute ftp , smart ftp or coreftp change the permissions of the following files and folder to 777 which is writing permissions.
    - include/config.php
    - temp/
    - temp/adodb
    - temp/cache
    - temp/templates
  • Step 3 : If some folder are missing kindly create the same.
  • Step 4 : The next and the most important step is goto your database server and create a database and user, so that the install of phpld moves further. Don’t forget to give the full right to user you created to the database!
  • Step 5 : Now enter the path in your browser to start your installation process.
  • Step 6 : The install will guild you on how to install your directory and shall also let you know if there are any mistakes in your setup.
  • Step 7 : Don’t forget to delete your install folder of the index.php file under the install folder from your ftp and change the config.php file permission back to 644 which lives in the include folder, since if its left anyone might get into your directory!
  • You nearly done? Rest you should be wise enough to do like making admin profile etc…? If not… well forget about making a directory!


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BlogAboutMySite has a excellent collection of Phpld Templates.

1. Black Carroty was our first theme which is a very brilliant template & one of the most popular phpld themes.

Premium Free Phpld Templates

Black Carroty Features:

* Editable logo file is included in the template zip. Also have included the Stats Mod in the core folder.

* The featured link totally stand out from the regular links. The template also have provision to include sponsored ads on the right sidebar and the footer of the theme, which bring in maximum attention to the site sponsors.

2. Our latest version Sunny Blue is also very very popular the design has been appreciated by a lot of our templates users.

Premium Free Phpld Templates

Sunny Blue Features:

* Template includes a header banner placement for that perfect highlight for those who will take banners on your directories or if you install a banner mod.

* Featured links are maximum highlight with msn thumbnails and pagerank button display along with each link in a dedicated column.


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Hi Friends,

BlogAboutMySite Directory Resources has been launched to blog the latest news in the directory industry and the changes happening everyday.

We are here to create some Buzz and also also help our visitors with their problems and issues.

- Site Team.

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