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Gadget Advisor

Gadget Advisor

Gadget Advisor – Premiun Information on gadgets and IT

The site offers detailed information on the latest gadgets ranging from media players to computer parts. The featured articles make interesting reading and gives essential inputs on computer hardware and software and recent tech news. Reviews are available pertaining to numerous options in network media players, including the now defunct GoVideo D2730 Network DVD Player. You can also find reviews on the Sony walkman media players, Logitech remote controls and LG portable DVD players and photo frames etc.

The tech news category outlines the latest news and happenings in the field of technology starting from the launch of Geo Eye 1 satellite till the trends and significant moments in internet history. The web site of Amazon offers a clean and simple interface for easily sending content to a PC or Mac and details regarding the Nintendo DSi can also be found on the site easily. For all the computer buffs out there, the site is a storehouse of information as it reveals the latest that has taken place in the field of information technology. (more…)

AccuConference - Call Conference Services

AccuConference - Call Conference Services

Accu Conference - Premium Call Conference, Web Conference and Conference Calling Services.

Daily Business needs 247 customer support and communication. Meetings, Sales Calls, Large Corporate Events, Operator Calls always need Call Conference Services.

Hence Call Conference Service is not only a necessity but an important service needed daily and 247 in companies.

If you are running a company and looking for a reliable and trusted Call Conference, Web Conference service provide, well we bring to you working right from 1986 in this field with a reputation of being one of the most trusted and highly reliable service providers.

AccuConference offers quality conference call services with the best customer support in the industry. It offers you various conference call packages and receive the tools to choose from and offers 100% satisfaction guarantee with money back options.

Features and Benefits(included with every account at no additional cost):

  • Login with Account Manager
  • Record and download conference calls
  • Register and track participants
  • Incorporate PowerPoint, Polling and Chat
  • Host live Q & A sessions
  • Receive immediate customer support – with average hold time of just 8 seconds

The Call Conference Features of AccuConference includes:

  • Features like Conference Manager, Schedule Calls, Outlook Plugin, Permission Based Users & more before call.
  • Features like Recording, Recording Playback, Live call screen, Pre-Conference/ Green Room, Q & A Controls, insightT Web Conferencing & more during call.
  • And features like Transcription, Online Billing, Account Codes, Download Call Data after all.

Accu Conference also offers various services like Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing.

So what are you waiting for? offer best services and the most affordable pricing for the great service and features they offer. Please call their operators at toll-free number at 1.800.977.4607 or sign-up now using their online contact form.


BiT Extra - Web Solutions

BiT Extra - Web Solutions

BiT Extra - Giving you that extra needed for your business!

A Business website always requires the right look to make the user experience better, search engine optimization for those bots to rank your websites well and powerful hosting for that 100% uptime.

If you think thats the right information above, well BiT Extra is your answer. BiT Extra provide professional web designing services that will make your website standout and give your visitors a better user experience.

The web hosting services include packages for small as well as large businesses. The services offered by them includes 24/7 staff who understand your hosting needs and can solve your queries. Highly secured servers with uninterrupted power supply gives your website 100% uptime.

The Seo Hosting packages offered can satisfy all basic to advanced user needs.

BiT Extra hosting also offers Linux and Windows based hosting.

Other services offered by BiT Extra include Web Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Domain Registration, Reseller Hosting and lots more.

BiT Extra also has a useful Business Directory which offers its client and customers a useful collection of well organized sites and useful resources.