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Why BAMS Review?

BAMS Review Blog is review based blog (as name suggest), we review your products/websites.

We offer you:

~ 60$ permanent review post.
~ Upto 3(three) outgoing links will be pointed out to your site.
~ 1 logo/banner of your site is placed for that perfect highlight of your site/product.
~ Since this is a Blog-Directory system, almost reviews about any sites can be included and it can fit into the right category.
~ We also have enabled technorati tags now, where in the right tags will be tagged and pinged for you hence you can target that users which search that particular keyword.
~ You may also link the post across various social bookmarking sites and get more traffic/reviews to yourself.

Review Information:

~ As said before we only give you upto 3(three) outgoing links pointing to your website & a screenshot/banner will posted for your website.
~ You need to let us know the anchor text, outgoing links required to be pointed out to your site in the review. - (If you cannot, let us know; Our expert SEO Team will decide the same your website).
~ You need to provide us some description/information about your website for the review to be posted in this blog. - (If you cannot, let us know; Our expert Editors/Content Writers Team will decide the same your website).
~ Our editors shall take min 24 hrs to max 48 hrs to complete a review of your site and write a blogpost/review for your site.
~ Incase you give us the content(review) which is to be posted in this blog, you post is completed within 24hrs and your review is made live.
~ Details can be left at: Email id to which you send the payments. OR You can also leave a comment on this page with the details. OR

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~ We have the every right to reject your site.
~ Incase your site is not approved your money will be refunded.
~ By saying permanent post we can guarantee atleast 2-3yrs of post to exists on the site.
~ The sites policy/rates/terms and conditions may change without notice.
~ Order once received & processed is non-refundable.
~ Your are not paying for a PAID REVIEW is this blog, you are paying the editor his fee to review your website and his fee to write/blog about your website.
~ BAMS Blog is in no way affiliated or associated with any of the websites reviewed/blogged about in this website. Information provided about a website is the information received from the website, its owner & the content our editor comes across during the time of review. We are no way responsible for the content/service the listed/reviewed website provides you.

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