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Gadget Advisor

Gadget Advisor – Premiun Information on gadgets and IT

The site offers detailed information on the latest gadgets ranging from media players to computer parts. The featured articles make interesting reading and gives essential inputs on computer hardware and software and recent tech news. Reviews are available pertaining to numerous options in network media players, including the now defunct GoVideo D2730 Network DVD Player. You can also find reviews on the Sony walkman media players, Logitech remote controls and LG portable DVD players and photo frames etc.

The tech news category outlines the latest news and happenings in the field of technology starting from the launch of Geo Eye 1 satellite till the trends and significant moments in internet history. The web site of Amazon offers a clean and simple interface for easily sending content to a PC or Mac and details regarding the Nintendo DSi can also be found on the site easily. For all the computer buffs out there, the site is a storehouse of information as it reveals the latest that has taken place in the field of information technology.

The site contains information about the latest product launches in the software market. Google’s surprise release is the Google Chrome in the web browser market. Though many had earlier anticipated the launch of a GBrowser, its immediate availability was unexpected. The official Google blog informed of its release recently, with a link to a trailer-style comic book giving details on the product. The web browser market is highly competitive, with FireFox from Mozilla, Internet Explorer from Microsoft, Opera from Opera Software and Safari from Apple being the established solutions.

On the hardware side of news, the site gives details regarding the D10 is Shuttle’s first computer that boasts an integrated 7-inch (800×480) LCD touchscreen display. One can use the display to view photos, movies, music, video, etc. It was crafted with simple surveillance and entertainment center functions in mind. A computer remote control, the PC Remote Controller II also functions as a mouse for the PC. It features four programmable buttons which can be used to operate multimedia software such as windows media player, Real player, TTplay, Power DVD and other software applications. The unit is also well suited for handling media and presentations. The PC Remote Controller II is currently available for $21. The Buffalo MiniStation Shinobi, the world’s smallest hard disk drive is available in 30GB ($120) and 60GB ($170).



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