Search Restaurants in Canada with Canpages

Search Restaurants in Canada with Canpages

Canpages easily simplifies search for Canadian restaurants and more..

Finally, here is something every Canadian should have. Canpages speaks the truth when it claims to ‘connect Canadians.’ For quite some time now, there was a need for a very integrated directory that offered all the information the average Canadian would look up.

Canpages has grabbed attention in several press releases and genuine news items. Users would like information at fingertips when they want. Thanks to Canpages, the users now have relevant information accessed online as well as through my mobile phone. This can save a lot of hassle for any Canadian in need of information.

The Canpages directory has information on not just contact numbers, but other things like restaurants and shopping areas in various Canadian cities. From Restaurant Calgary to Restaurant Vancouver are all listed on Canpages.

If you are a regular browser and wish to get details, you could try canpages. In addition to their booming print directory, they have a popular online advertising Service and a national coverage listing at economical rate and this has brought success to many advertisers. I was impressed with their free text messaging service that is a great help quite often.

On my part, I liked the ‘weird Canadian restaurants’ section and I believe such interesting trivia will only attract more Canadians to the fan following of Canpages.

Canpages seems to be useful not only to Canadians but also to outsiders. I personally checked out details of Restaurant Toronto and you would thank canpages for your fine dining experience for the world class list they have.

I was not surprised to see that Canpages has won numerous awards, 4 at the 2007 Association of Directory Publishers Conference alone. With a little improvement, they can be a highly respected brand, even better than now. Check it out; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with canpages.



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